Choosing the right wood heater

Major factors to consider when it comes to choosing a wood heater are:

  • Size of your home
  • Building layout
  • Number of rooms you’d like to heat
  • Your priorities between aesthetics and efficiency


Inserts are the perfect way to convert an existing open fireplace into a far more efficient and user friendly heat source. All inserts feature an outer shell which ensures that heat is transferred into the room rather than absorbed into the brickwork. They all feature fans which force the hot air out rather than allowing it to travel up the flue.


Zero clearance heaters are an option if you want the look of an insert heater but don't have an existing fireplace. Transform any blank wall in your home into a feature insert fireplace without any major structural requirements.


Designed with an air cavity between the firebox and the outer skin. This means that the air in the avity heats up, expands and rises, drawing more air in from below and forcing the hot air out through the top of the heater. A good clean burn convection heater can produce over 3 cubic metres of heated air per minute.


Fans will help circulate larger volumes of warm air, breaking down the layers of hot air that collect at ceiling level. Consequently a wood heater with a fan will heat a room faster than a conventional heater.


Check the construction quality of the firebox, as this is the engine of any wood heater. All Clean Air Wood Heaters come with a 15 year firebox warranty.